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When the coronavirus really started to proliferate in March and the drastic measures of the lockdown were imposed, this was also a thunderclap for Captain Cork in clear skies.

I was obliged to close the store in Hoogstraat. Just after the difficult retail months of January and February. Just when spring was approaching, people started shopping more, doing terraces, tourism was getting underway.

I knew I had to switch gears very quickly to keep my head above water. Fixed costs continued, but income suddenly disappeared. For weeks I have worked hard on the online business, focusing even more on customer contacts, online virtual shopping, do it yourself cork packages for at home …

Face masks at the very beginning

Very soon the idea arose to make mouth masks from the cork fabric. After all, I am very familiar with the material and I was convinced that the characteristics and properties of cork would lend themselves perfectly to mouth masks.

After all, we already make toys and yoga materials that must meet very strict safety and hygiene regulations. Also, remember that corks are used in the food industry, the most stringently controlled public health industry.

We have donated up to 500 masks to introduce people to our cork masks and to fine-tune and perfect our design based on their feedback.

Designs, prototypes, testing … our masks were already produced at the end of March. But we arrived just too early. The use of mouth masks was not yet advised by the government, and people were more skeptical, suspicious or outright opposed.

Marking for Cork Mouth Masks

However, I firmly believed in the power of cork and we continued to fine-tune the design. Our masks even made the Portuguese prime time news for their durability, safety and airiness. When the Belgian government started to recommend the use of mouth masks and even made it compulsory on public transport, the turning point came to me.

My masks received fantastic reviews, made headlines several times, and even companies went on to purchase them in large numbers for their staff. Even doctors, nurses and other medical staff were convinced and bought the cork masks. At the moment they are even bought in California.


without chemicals


against water / moisture


and boilable or steamable at high temperatures


flexible, breathable material


from a renewable source

Animal friendly

PETA Vegan certified

Unboxing video Cork Mouthmasks

Red mask

Next generation Filter

made out of cork

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Pink mask

Next Generation Filter

made out of cork

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Red mask

Next generation Filter

made out of cork

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Brown Mouth mask

Next generation Filter

made out of cork

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My father, Erwin De Quint, our captain, is the great inspiration behind Captain Cork.

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