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Centraal Station Antwerpen, Pelikaanstraat 3, Pand 1230 2018 Antwerpen

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Captain Cork Customer | Captaincork
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Captain Cork Customer

De Captain Cork Customer

Captain Cork customers are people who love nature.

Who are ecologically conscious and appreciative towards authentic and honest products and real stories.

They also love beautiful, natural, handmade things and have an eye for slow (unhurried) and sustainable consumption. They are very self-conscious and know why they want to invest in ecological products: to build a more beautiful world for tomorrow, ror our generation and the many to come.


Sound familiar? Our paths did not just cross. Coincidence does not exist. Perhaps you already heard of the Law of Attraction? It’s something I strongly believe in and have experienced in my life.

I’m convinced that you did not just end up with Captain Cork. You might not know it yet, but people like you are contributing to our Co(RK)mmunity.


Treat yourself to something beautiful that you can enjoy for a lifetime. Embrace your ‘corkiness ‘, dare to wanderlust and wonderlust. Take your time to experience things, discover the story, tell your story, inspire and be inspired. Captain Cork customers are contemporary heroes!

You know why?

By buying Cork:

  • You save the cork forests that are crucial for the European ecosystem (they are not cut down, but carefully peeled by hand.)
  • You choose natural, organic, vegan products without chemicals or toxic substances that are completely biodegradable and recyclable. The planet is grateful.
  • You protect a unique balance between man and nature (cork farmers take care of the cork trees that convert 3 to 5 times more CO2 into much needed oxygen.)
  • You save an ancient, fragile but unique ecosystem with tremendous biodiversity and protect the beautiful fauna and flora and many endangered species.
  • More finances and resources are being made available so that the passionate cork farmers can take care of their trees even better and more intensively and are not forced to deforest by falling cork production.


Everyone is welcome in the Captain Cork concept store at the Central Station of Antwerp. In addition to shopping beautiful cork products, you can simply relax and talk about your ecological passion. It is a place to meet and relax for a moment and dream of building a more sustainable and ecofriendly future together.

Are you a sustainable entrepreneur yourself? Then be sure to come and discover how we can increase awareness together. I’m convinced that very nice cross collaborations can be achieved.

The doors at Captain Cork are also open to ecological initiatives. I am thinking of lectures, workshops, book readings, … Also online the Co(RK)Mmunity will live. Each customer is given the opportunity to tell his or her story in a blog or with a fine Insta-post.

Together we can get things done!

Convinced of the corky qualities?
Then quickly take a look in our webshop!