Ina De Quint

the Mompreneur In a nutshell (or cork stopper?)

Eleven years ago I jumped into the wonderful world of Human Resources with passion, enthusiasm and dedication. I didn’t know much about it yet, but I had a passion for people and was determined to work with and for people. Actually, I’ve known this for a very long time, that’s why I chose to study Human Sciences. This resulted in a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Sociology.


Authentic epicurean with a lot of ‘Corkiness


about people

A green heart

for ecology and sustainability

Left the ‘business world’

after a career of 11 years to chase a dream


in empowerment


on the dream that lives on

ina de quint

Ik was zo gelukkig dat ik in het werkveld de mogelijkheid had om verandering en verbetering te brengen in het arbeidsleven van anderen.

The day I started working for a HR company, I felt so fortunate to get the opportunity to change and improve the working life of others. For me it was all about job satisfaction. People that are passionate about what they do will be able to accelerate and rise above themselves.

I learned a lot, but in the core it all came down to this: working, performing, labor and business. The engine of every company runs on the people working for it, so keeping your workforce motivated and involved is key. But in the tough world of business, humanity is often lacking. That’s why I found it difficult to find a deep and long-term connection with an organization. A company that thrived in thought leadership, learning by example and practice what you preach. The core of each company was not the people who worked there, the passions they had, or the true talents they possessed. They were figures, profit, turnover and hard commerce.

For me, Human Resources, is about building meaningful and long-term relationships with people, investing in their passion and talents and having a true impact on people’s lives. I was very intrigued by true Employer Branding. An employer image that comes from within the organization, reflected by the real ambassadors of companies: the employees themselves. A good employer image is authentic, credible, relevant, distinctive and always inspiring. This is the way I want to live my life.

ina de quint

My personal values really have to resonate with me. I felt that it was no longer the case and I was in conflict, I had to admit that I was not going to thrive in this kind of environment. Something of key importance was missing, something that was necessary to be intrinsically motivated.

It was time for change. I was dreaming of a business of my own, with the key elements: sustainability, ecology, honesty and authenticity. It took time, a personal drama, a lot of existential questions and a search for my true identity to finally take the step. But here I am, Ina, Mompreneur, C(orky)EO of Captain Cork.

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